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The leader in safety, rescue & pollution control

The awareness for higher levels of protection for people working in hazardous, polluted and volatile environments is increasing and so is the demand for products based on new technology. Wherever explosive gases and vapours are present, the risk for explosion is great.









Wherever the environment is polluted because of dust, gases, vapours, fumes-toxic and non-toxic, the risk to the life and health of the workers in such an environment are mind-boggling. Such situations are quite common in various industries  like mining, oil, gas, engineering, textiles, packaging, paper, refining, petrochemicals, power, atomic energy, food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, breweries, distilleries, fire fighting and water treatment.
BL Health & Safety Pvt. Ltd (BLHS), Occupational Health Division, was established to provide world class quality products for ensuring safer working conditions in hazardous, polluted and volatile environments from reputed multinationals which meet international safety standards.
Let's not challenge the odds when valuable life, health and productivity of your workers is at stake. BLHS's equipment and devices are you answer to safeguard the life and health of your employees from the dangers of a hazardous, polluted and volatile environments.

The next life we save may be yours

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